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The Invisible Patient

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How can caregivers fulfill their role as a caregiver without losing themselves in the process?

Fulfilling the role of family caregiver is hard work, even if chosen willingly as an act of love to another. 

While the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll of caregiving is well documented, the high level of self-love and self-care required within the caregiver to successfully put the needs of others first without self-destructing is not.

Caregiving can be a rewarding experience for all involved, but the stress of being a caregiver can lead to burnout and exhaustion and, in some cases, financial peril if an aging plan is not in place. 

Consequently, the stress involved in caregiving causes caregivers to put themselves and their well-being in the background and focus on their needs last. 

Contributing to the level of stress is the fact that many caregivers are financially contributing to their aging loved ones' needs while also caring for that loved one. All this ongoing self-sacrifice causes a phenomenon known as compassion fatigue, leading caregivers to become the "invisible patient".

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The Invisible Patient provides inspiration, encouragement, and step-by-step guidance to ease the caregiving journey. Let' s have a conversation and get a copy of this book today. You'll be glad you did.

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The Invisible Patient

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The Invisible Patient

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The Invisible Patient

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